The life of Playtime Balloons from 1973 to now

Playtime Balloons was established in 1973 by Doug Brearley one of England’s top balloon entertainers.

Playtime balloons has always been run by professional balloon entertainers for professional balloon entertainers. That means we fully understand your needs and cater for them. It also means we have a wealth of experience and can answer any questions about balloons and balloon modelling.

In 1985 it was taken over by Mel Moore and the company became an official Qualatex distributor in the UK.

In 2002 it was then taken over by Mike & Marjorie Stokes and over the years the company has grown offering a wide range of products from all sizes of balloons to balloon accessories. Marjorie worked hard to offer fantastic service and proud to say “we have no customers just lots of friends”.

In January 2012 Mike & Marjorie retired and passed it over to Stuart McDowell better known as (MR STIX) once again a full time entertainer. This saw the biggest change in the companies history as Stuart was the youngest person to take over Playtime Balloons and he took the company forward with a new and fresh image along with the first ever online shop.

In 2018 Jamie, Becky and Denise Maidment proudly took over running Playtime Balloons from Stuart and will continue to serve its existing customers and are continuing to grow Playtime Balloons as a trusted, valued and friendly family run company for balloon modellers by balloon modellers.