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Propcorn is a fantastic trick perfect for family and children’s magicians as well as close up magicians.

From Frostie:
Ask your audience member to shuffle 5 trading cards that each display an animated movie character , so neither you, or them, know where each character is.

They choose one and leave it face down on the table, the rest of the cards are put aside.

Explain that when watching a film, you have to have popcorn. You even carry a bag of ‘lucky kernels’ with you wherever you go.

You take a kernel and put it into your hand, waving a lighter beneath your hand.  The audience member is suprised when you open your hand to reveal the kernel has ‘popped’ into a piece of popcorn!

BUT WAIT THERES MORE.. The popcorn seems to have taken the shape of a famous animated movie character.  They turn over their trading card to reveal that the two characters match.  You then EAT the popcorn!

One of the trading cards also has an extra effect on it which reveals the number 37 (for a 37 force)

Loving made by Frostie, this trick is of both the highest quality and contains:

  • 5 Propcorn ‘popped’ prop reveals.
  • 5 special trading cards, made from 400gsm silk stock with matt finish.
  • A needed gimmick for making the kernel disappear (you may already have one, but we wanted to include it).
  • A teaspoon of popcorn kernels.
  • Velvet ‘popcorn scented’ carry bag for Kernels.  (These come in different colours, and it’s pot luck what colour you get!)
  • Detailed video instructions and ideas.

The only thing you need to provide yourself is a lighter, for safety reasons, as we are not allowed to post this.


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